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  • Shenzhen Homic, Resistance Co., Ltd. mainly produces series of wire-wound resistors, cement Resistance, high power tubular painted Resistance aluminum shell resistance (golden yellow), high-power aluminum Resistance (trapezoidal, boat), non-inductive resistors, precision resistors, metal film resistors, oxide film Resistance.
    We have strong strength and high-tech personnel, in strict accordance with the ISO9002 international quality certification standards for management to focus on improving the quality awareness of all staff and labor quality, so as to set a good moral character image, and has developed a unique compliance SJ, GB and IEC standard part of the product to meet MIL standards resistor products.
    Excellent quality, is the price we have to win the market, and improve after-sales service, much like the majority of consumers praise.
    We will continue to pursue the "win public long excellence" spirit and dedication to the nearby majority go hand in hand with our customers and create greater glories.
    Main business:
    Resistance wire wound Resistance, cement Resistance, high-power tube painted Resistance aluminum shell Resistance (golden yellow), high-power aluminum Resistance (trapezoidal, boat line), non-inductive resistor, precision resistors, metal film Resistance, oxide film Resistance, carbon film Resistance milliohm Resistance, manganese, copper wire Resistance, the Resistance of the ceramic heating element, dishes adjustable resistance, the power aging Resistance and Resistance accessories (supporting the production the Resistance leads cap, terminal, no sense Resistance chip core, metal aluminum housing, etc.)
    Resistive load box UPS power supply test load box, pure Resistance load box, the communication power test load 400Hz IF load the EMC load resistance box, wind and solar power generation load contacts test load box, the RCD load box, single / three-phase AC load resistance box battery discharge test load, test load generator sets, DC load resistance box, braking resistor load the motor buck start load transformer test load, power the adjustment type load box, the current regulator type load box, continuous adjustment type load.